The first Art DAO on Aptos

The Vanguard aims to be the first art focused project on Aptos, Seeking to empower and promote digital art and artists.

Join us in our effort to make Aptos a more colorful place. 


  • 1111 unique PFPs

    Each Vanguard is generated automatically by combining Over 60 traits.
  • A strong Community

    We aim to create the most tightly knit community on Aptos. Due to our limited supply, our DAO will be small, but new relationships and new amazing stories will be born there. Smaller groups make it simpler to interact with one another.
  • Unique opportunities

    You will have access to a lot of cool stuff as a holder and member of our DAO. Be the first to learn about news regarding our project and the Aptos ecosystem, as well as the first to receive rewards and opportunities from our upcoming collaborations.
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  • 1

    The Start of the Journey

    5 Oct 2022

    Creating the artwork, the project's socials, and building the foundation of our community.
    Establishing partnerships and clarifying our long-term goal as a project

  • 2


    10 Nov 2022

    Our project will launch on November 10, 2022.

    This is the real start of the project and where the real community building begins.

  • 3

    Consolidating the community and empowering art

    At this point, we already have an established project with a loyal community. We will begin our journey of empowering art and artists through different events. We plan on onboarding as many artists as we can onto Aptos, showing the world that our new ecosystem can be a beautiful place full of art and color.

    + Holder's only events

    + Team expansion

  • 4


    + Unique Art Airdrops

    + IRL events

    + Merch (to be discussed)

    ⚔️ Continuing to develop the most loyal and tightly knit community on Aptos. 

  • 5

    Roadmap 2.0 - will be developed based on our Q4 earnings


You ask – we tell.


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